Friday, January 30, 2009

Give me Liberty, or Give me Death

this, THIS, is creeping fascism. now we must control our kids to the point of putting them on a leash like a poodle?! don't even get me started on poodles. if i were a child, i would NOT STAND FOR IT! neither should the children of today! i call upon those who are still in their single digits to rise up and cast off the, well, harness. this reflects badly on the children of today as well, not just their parents. if i were their age i would be devising complicated plans to cut through the cords or lose weight until i could slip our of my leash unnoticed, but what do they do? they tolerate it! i think this calls for a revolution.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

KFC Famous Bowls

I love them. they're amazing. it's a five course meal all thrown in a bowl and smothered in gravy. the whole thing is fairly small but its all just carbs and startch so they are very filling, kind of like an MRE. i just love them.