Sunday, April 13, 2008


fine. you wanted them, now you have them. i hope you're happy. before you begin, look at the clock. remember that number.

this is Sjolinds, the wonderful chocolateshop.

these are some of the Sjolinds people. (left to right: Melissa, Tracy, Smelly and Sarah)

yep, you saw right.

State Street...

This is the wonderful hat shop. beautiful!

i thought he would look better like this...

Ragstock is wonderful, as i said before.

the one and only photo i could get of the inside.

Madison is known for its blatant homosexuality, and this young man we saw was one of them (look at the frilly shirt...)

a Russian officer found on the streets.

some young punk at the coffee/chocolate-shop

Melissa in her wall-crafted mustache.

so that's it. now look at the clock again. do the math, and know that i wasted that much time of your life.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A poem

a poem written by someone familiar to all of ye...i really liked it and thought i'd share. used without permission (haha).


I worked, a long and lonely hour.
I tilled my fields,
Day by day,
And slept by night.
In the broad land
Under the broad sky
The loneliness beat upon me
Raked its claws across my soul
Burned with each drop of sweat.

A storm came.
The rains washed out my fields
Leaving a mess
I could not clean up alone
But one was there beside me
And another
And another
And yet more

"We have been here all along,
Weary man," they said.
"You needed but to cry out.
Yet you did not.
So we came to find you."

And we feasted
We sang, and danced,
We ate and drank and toasted.
We made lighter
Many a weary hour.

We swam in the stream
We climbed the mountains
We braved the deserts, faced down
Wild animals.

We laughed.


For a reason unknown to us
Unexplained, incorporeal
It was time to part.
We begged
Offered argument
Demanded explanation
To no avail.
The cruelty was transfixed
As the stars in the heavens.
So we wept.
And we unsheathed our knives
And we carved our marks
Our scars
Scratched them on each other's souls.


I left that place.
There was nothing for me there.
I went back
To where we had been
I went back to the table
The places were empty, the feast
I went to the dance hall
The instruments were shattered
The music escaped.

The stream we had swum
Contained but water and the ghost
Of voices.
I reclimbed the mountain
There was scenery,
But the beauty had fled
The desert was hot.
The wild animals tore at me. I
Cared not.

The laughter died in my throat.


I wandered the land, and
An old man with a sad wide smile
Pointed me down a side road.
"Straight along here," he said,
"Can you find your friends."
But the road had many forks
I followed one to a train station
The train left without me.
A friend was on it.
I grew sad.

I followed another road to a house
Where there was a party
A friend was there,
But I could not find her.
I grew sad.

The third fork
Led to a dock
A friend waved to me from
The deck of a departing ship.
I waved to him
And was blinded by the sun.
I despaired.


Taken by the hand again,
Again by a kind man, led
Down the straight path
To a hill. He said,
"Your friends are at the top."

I climbed, but I saw them not
I saw instead a weak man
Nailed to slabs of wood.
In His hands, gaping holes
Pouring blood
In His feet, gaping holes
Pouring blood
His mouth open,
A hole in his side,
Spewing blood
And spewing water.

A kindly man forced me to my knees.
"How dare you stand in the presence
Of glory?"
He took some of the water,
And washed me in it.
I gasped.
I burned.
I died.
I was awakened from the dead, new,
The mud removed from my eyes.

I knelt with the others.
It was true--
My friends were there.
One was dead
One was sad
One happy
One weary
One crying
One winked at me.

We ate the unknowable body.
We drank the impossible blood.
We were whole.


I wandered the road yet more.
My weariness, it seemed,
Would overcome me.
My tears flowed
And I cared not who knew.

A friend met me on the road.

"Why so wet?" she said.

"Those whom I love," I said, "I am
Parted from."

"Certainly," she said, "If you say that,
Your tears will flow without ceasing."

"What then shall I say?" said I.

"Say rather,
Those whom I love, I shall see again.
Those whom I love, I am united with.
The only one who loved me,
Gave his perfect body
For me."

Then my tears flowed fast, but not
From sadness.


I grow old... I grow old...

The veil falls away at last
We are finally all here
Our souls are exposed
And the scars begin to burn.

But they are washed, and
Hurt no more.
Rather, they bind us
And it is only in having them
That we are fully healed.

A man comes who is not a man,
And the scar he has carved on
Each of us
Binds us to him
He calls us together
We eat, we drink
We sing and dance.

We laugh.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


recently i got glasses.
*waits for raucous laughter to die down*
And from this i learned a few things.
1) Bob really, reallyreally needed glasses.
2) Bob can still headbang.
3) The chair Bob was petting was not, in fact, the cat.
4) The world is even uglier than Bob thought.
i have several examples of the latter. first of all is Wisconsin's Snirt. this is the technical term for what occurs this time of year, when melting snow and dirt mix and form a sort of brown mush that collects in parking lots and my driveway. a month ago I thought it was tolerable, just a little annoying, but now i realize just how disgusting it is. it is repulsive.
also people, those i thought very pretty have very repulsive features about them. back when things were a little blurry eyes were perfect, skin was flawless, hair was not greasy. glasses made everyone ugly. thanks a lot.
the only other end of this is nature. it is even cooler than i first thought. the intricate patterns on leaves are more visible, the roots of a tree are more wondrous than ever before.
today i went to a zoo, just a tiny little thing funded by donation with about three small monkeys, a bear, goats, prairie dogs and a wolf. that's it. i looked at the newly cleared up monkeys, found them not too grandfatherlike, took a look at the prairie dogs, wished I could take a shot at them, saw the bear and found it fat.Then i went over to the wolf. i have seen this wolf a couple times over my life as a gray-white blur, but now i saw it in all its glory. its eyes were black beads, the fur was the texture of snow and it moved with grace i could hardly believe. that was when i realized that it was not an animal meant for a cage. the prairie dogs are fine in cages, the monkeys: whatever, i don't care about the goats or bear, but the wolf shouldn't have been there. you all know how much i like to verbally flick off PETA people, but on this one animal i agree. the timberwolf was to the woods what a lion is to the savannas: king. now a deposed monarch, stripped of crown and title, exiled to a tiny little piece of land. i spent a lot of time watching it, and slowly realized that even though everything might be a lot uglier the things which are truly beautiful are even more so now. maybe this is just the tiredness talking, but whatever.