Saturday, March 15, 2008

Villainous Villainy

In the month of February there resides International Fake Mustache Day, like Talk Like a Pirate Day only for facial hair.
Here, in Tinylittlenowhereville USA, however, International Fake Mustache Day falls on the 14th of March. why? because the nice people at the coffeeshop/chocolateshop say so.
The Nemoyer happened to be around on that day so we celebrated as a trio, Bob's self, Nemoyer and Brother Smelly. the previous day we spent annoying the chocolateshop people, and so on the way into town we stopped by to say "hello" and "please don't call security." there we were given mustaches of magnanimous proportion, which we proceeded to put on and douse in coffee and chocolate. after tipping our hats to the nice people there we took a long car trip into Madison, State Street in particular.
there was the normal lot of idiots, feminists, militant homosexuals, artists, fire-and-brimstone preachers etc. first stop was Ragstock, a clothing store, only fun. I found meself a nice military trenchcoat and Brother and Nemoyer bought Poofy Shirts. they had guys eyeing them the whole way home. Nemoyer also found a naval officer's trenchcoat, which went well with his red Poofy Shirt, making him look like some sort of Russian army officer (in soviet russia, baby aborts YOU!!).
next came Sacred Feather hat shop. it smelled of leather and fun. Nemoyer found himself a Greek hat which complimented his military attire and i bought a Derby, which i am currently wearing.
on the way back we stopped in Pop Deluxe, a funky little store with odd things, where we found a dead goldfish floating in a tank, which was, at the time, amazingly funny.
we got back a bit before i had to go to work so we had some time in which to mess witht the chocolate shop people, who put up with us graciously.

pictures may or may not be coming. don't hold your breath.