Tuesday, January 23, 2007


this is what happens when you work as a stock broker with your brother (as i said, this is the best clip ever)...


and PEEPS!!!


and now to end this with a piece of conversation between Bob and a friend:

Bob: "So you do anything interesting lately?"

Friend: *Mumble*

Bob: "What?"


Thursday, January 11, 2007

in the name of the eye, the square and compas...

okay, you already know that Bob is weird, so i've finaly advanced to the ultimate level of weirdness. I am a Masonic Theorist. i honestly didn't want to be though, really. I like to poke around conspiracy theory sites and people, and two things inevitably come up, UFOs and Freemasons. So I decided that I should know something about what i was talking about with these sad little men, so I got a few books from the library (ie my second home) and started to read. i got one book about UFOs, I'm still not completely convinced, and then two other books, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry; or The Secret of Hiram Abiff and a New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by E. A. Waite. i thought I'd just scan them quick and then move onto American Gods (great book) but I was not so fortunate. I flipped around in the encyclopedia and soon found a heading labeled "masonic baptism." this set off alarms in me right away. Baptism (for you non lutherans) is a sacred thing, a thing in which we litteraly toutch God through the water that washes away our sins, it is a way to bring a child into the church, a key element here. it is not something to be mocked or mimmicked, as i first thought they were doing. but i soon found that they were completely serious. they would dedicate their child to the Masonic Lodge and the Grand Lodge of England.
starting to sound like a cult yet? it gets better.

please visit: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1466579788481207090&q=freemasonry+darkness+to+light

creeped out yet? there's more. at least one man, a man named Morgan was killed for attempting to reveal the Masonic secrets, this is not a theory, it is a proven fact on file with the government. that's just the start of things i have found in the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, there is also the Egyptain rite(Masonic Rite=higher rank mason), like the scottish or york rite only creepier and not so well known, it involves much sexuality (in a very bad way, though i won't go into the details) mixed with Egyptian gods.
In the secret of Hiram Abiff they begin to spring this crap on you from what was up until now basicly a grown up version of 4-H about the "building of soloman's templ" and the "lost name of God" and all sorts of other crap. if you happen to know anyone who is involved with Masonry, ask them about Hiram Abiff, the true name of god and other thing like that.

They're out to get me!