Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Happy Place.

Seriously, people? You're building a garden in the shape of a heart with a smiley face, so that middleschoolers won't be sad anymore? Wonderful. How's about we erect a big soccer field to end war, or maybe a library to stop world hunger? That's going to solve everything. Because we couldn't put the several thousand dollars it is taking to build that thing toward something useful, like, say, Haiti, no, our sad little kids are a much bigger problem. The more we coddle them the stronger they will become, and if we designate a certain plot of land "happy" then, well, it just has to be happy all the time, right? Through the power of love and cheap heart-shaped symbols and handprints we cane make everything better. Good people, I have a choice finger for you. Guess which one it is.