Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Code Duello

I have decided upon something. we need to bring back the duel. seriously, people should start dueling again. you see back in the day, not all that long ago, in fact, if you insulted someone it had consequences. now i could probably go up to someone on the street and call them an idiot and most likely they wouldn't do anything but laugh or call me something back. I could look at my brother and, as i so often do, say "you smell bad." and he would stare blankly. if i did either of those 200 years ago i and the offended person would exchange notes, then meet at dawn and take a couple shots at each other. most likely nobody would get hurt and we would shake hands and walk away. i propose we do this again. now, granted, the pistol/sword thing is a bit barbaric, but something slightly less fatal could be beneficial to the world. i was thinking paintball guns. they're inaccurate (as dueling pistols were supposed to be, even after rifling was invented) and if one didn't use a hopper there would still be the option of that nice dramatic pause between shots.
consider all the wonderful times one could duel. Bill Riley and Al Franken would have fought a dozen duels by now. if some guy cuts you off in traffic get his number and call him out. disorderly street fights would go down in numbers. people would not be able to insult one another without a consequence. politics would actually be fun. and best of all perhaps a sense of honor would be instilled in the disorderly mob that is our culture.
do you disagree with this? I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!!!

on a lighter, yet more important note, watch this video.